Spend 8 Days Living, Breathing, Processing in a Bath of Grace.

Go from student to master, from beginner to magician, as you dive into the in-depth work and become a living expression of Grace, catalyzing healing on every level for yourself and with everyone you touch. Become an integral part of one of the most profound healing work available today. Be the catalyst for transformation and become the change we’d all love to see for our planet.

The Practitioner Training Retreat is eight days of absolute expansion, deepening beyond all recognition, as you experience an even more profound truth to life and further enhance your ability as a Journey Training Practitioner.

By application only

RESIDENTIAL: Includes eight nights shared accommodation in a beautiful countryside retreat, all meals and course materials.

FOR: Applicants accepted onto The Journey Accredited® Practitioner Program and Journey Practitioners

Now that the skills are part of your very DNA you’ll:

  • Throw away the formula , letting Grace use the tools and techniques to spontaneously, intuitively, design the process work, moving from ‘paint by number’ to true artistry.
  • Undergo all the new in-depth process work yourself , liberating countless issues, deepening in your own spiritual realization and using the transforming work with others.
  • Learn how to work with a huge array of very specific issues , including sexual blocks, addictions, abuse, rape, illnesses, obsessions, relationship issues, depression, etc., etc.
  • Experience the Life’s Purpose Process , to uncover your soul’s reason for being and help others uncover their own purpose for being.
  • Learn how to partner someone in their chosen path of healing , from illness to health.
  • Learn how to elegantly elicit and uncover the real core issues underneath the surface story.
  • Learn how to set up a Grace-filled, professional Journey Practice supporting your clients ongoingly in their journey of healing and liberation.
  • Leave whole, free, soaring in Grace and ready to bring this powerful work into your life and all those you touch.

My Life Unfolds Now In Ways I Could Never Have Imagined

Experiencing The Journey Practitioner Program with Brandon, Kevin and all the delegates has taught me more about life than I could ever imagine. All the practical tools we learned I now use daily. My life unfolds now in ways I could never have imagined. I realize and experience when I live life in truth everything is simple. To be surrounded and supported by so many lovers of truth (throughout the Program) was a true blessing.

~ Carolyn

I Cannot Even Recognize The Person I Was 2 Years Ago

The Journey Practitioner Program was, without a doubt, the turning point of my life. As I sit here today, I cannot even recognize the person I was 2 years ago. It’s as if every aspect has been pulled apart to reveal the lies of who I believed myself to be. Every relationship in my life has transformed to the point where I can no longer hold any blame toward anyone…

~ Jess

It Has Allowed Me To ‘Take My Place In Life’

In my experience, when we essentially ask the universe “to use me”, the universe says great – but first you need to undergo a life training! For me the Practitioner Program was that life training. It completely changed my life 180 degrees. It gave me the confidence, the tools, the skills and the deeply-liberating process work I needed to show up in life as my true self. It has allowed me to ‘take my place in life”, to contribute to humanity, living from a place of forgiveness, love and compassion, not as a fanciful notion, but as a humbling, living, breathing life process. Nothing upon nothing has transformed my life and continues to do so like The Journey Practitioner Program.

~ Laurie

PLEASE NOTE: Dates, times locations and fees may be subject to change.


Date: 11 – 19 October 2019 | Location: Avalon Farm, Marina Beach, KwaZulu Natal