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The Journey offers a cradle of support to help you broaden and deepen in our seminars and this work. Many who have read The Journey book look to our other books, DVD’s and audio support materials to help with everything from guided meditations to Brandon walking them through a Journey process on CD. The support products on these pages have all been specially created to help you deepen in your experience of Journeywork. Please note, prices DO NOT include Postage and Packaging.

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  • The Journey Book

    This is a book about Freedom. All of us sense that deep inside lies huge potential. We long to experience it – yet ‘something’ holds us back. We long to set ourselves free, yet we don’t know how. In this book, you finally learn how.

    ISBN: 978-0-7223-3839-5
    R 250.00
  • The Journey for Kids Book

    The Journey for Kids – Liberating Your Child’s Shining Potential. This book is written from the direct experience of real-life kids’ Journeys, and so the children are teaching us as adults how to partner them in their spiritual and healing journeys. Their stories are so moving, their healing so joyous, their wisdom so simple and true – it’s breathtaking. How wonderful to be taught the wisdom of the ages through the honest and innocent eyes of a child.

    ISBN: 0-00-715526-3
    R 250.00
  • Freedom IS Book

    This is a book about freedom – freedom in the truest and deepest sense, freedom on all levels of being. It is a powerful call from deep within to come home to your own boundless potential. It is calling you right now, inviting you to set yourself free to live in the effortless grace of freedom.

    ISBN: 0-340-92100-5
    R 250.00
  • Consciousness The New Currency Book

    In this groundbreaking, inspiring and interactive book, Brandon Bays and Kevin Billett take your on a powerful journey which will explode the limiting paradigms that have kept you from experiencing unbridled fulfillment in your life. Step by step, the practical, effective process work will clear the fear-consciousness, emotional blocks and deeply-held negative beliefs that have compromised your ability to manifest healthy abundance.

    The unique and liberating teachings open you directly into your own boundless potential, effortlessly guiding you to manifest limitless abundance in your career, health, relationships, creativity – financially, emotionally, physically, spiritually – on all levels of being.

    This work will radically liberate you. It will give you conscious, skilful tools to manifest wholesome abundance in your own life and the means to be part of the wave of awakening and transformation our world needs.

    This is your invitation to say “yes” to your own greatness – to a new form of abundance-consciousness, one that is as fulfilling personally as it is integrative globally.

    ISBN: 978-0-9563379-0-0
    R 250.00
  • Cards – Guided by Grace

    These inspiring cards are designed to awaken you to the infinite wisdom within yourself, gently guiding you into the embrace of Grace. Filled with profound contemplations and brief meditations, they invite you into a direct experience of your own enlightened awareness.

    ISBN: 978-0-9555796-0-8
    R 250.00
  • The Journey Companion CD set

    This audio series is a companion to The Journey book.  It is necessary to have read the book to use these CDs.

    ISBN: 978-0-9555796-1-5
    R 250.00
  • Freedom IS Companion CD set

    In this remarkable, groundbreaking CD, international bestselling author of THE JOURNEY Brandon Bays offers powerfully effective process work, guided introspections and deeply freeing meditations that will open your heart and draw you into the sublime presence of freedom.

    R 250.00
  • The Journey for Kids CD

    This CD is a practical companion to the book. It is ideal for parents to use with children containing both the Journey fable process for younger children (ages 5-8) and full process for older children (8-13).

    ISBN: 0-00-718482-4
    R 250.00
  • Power of Vows CD

    Satsang with Brandon Bays. With absolute clarity, Brandon exposes the power and depth that vows have on shaping our lives. “When a vow is made, it’s like a door slams shut on all other possibilities…” This profound guided process takes you deep inside to uncover unhealthy vows, undo them and allow new, healthy and empowering vows to form in its place. Your life will be fundamentally changed.

    R 250.00
  • War Zone of The Mind CD

    Satsang with Brandon Bays. With absolute clarity, Brandon exposes the lie of the thinking rational mind and in this powerful program helps you to open into the deeper knowing inside of us all. This profound guided process takes you deep inside to se how the mind is a place of fear doubt and uncertainty and how to help dive into the deeper knowing inside each of us.

    R 250.00