30 October – 07 November 2020: No Ego Retreat with Lydia and John

R 23,997.00

Pre-requisite: Conscious Abundance
Venue: Avalon Farm, 2nd Bushy Vales Road (opposite Marina Beach entrance), Marina Beach, KwaZulu Natal



PRE-REQUISITE: Conscious Abundance Retreat

RESIDENTIAL: Includes seven nights (an extra day has been added as the work has expanded and deepened) shared accommodation in a gorgeous countryside retreat, all meals, yoga and course materials.

FOR: Conscious Abundance Grads (Manifest Abundance)

A truly life-changing, liberating course where you’ll:

  • Spend seven days in the ‘fire’, penetrating and clearing the lie of the ego.
  • Liberate yourself from the false identity you’ve bought into and lived in.
  • Learn how you set up your whole game and find compassion for the way we all run our ego trips.
  • Expose and clear the patterns and traps that have created so much separation and pain in your life.
  • Spend each day experiencing truly liberating, freeing and life-changing process work.
  • Ultimately shatter your illusory identity and reveal the liberation of your true self.
  • Leave feeling truly real , soaring in the magnificence of unbounded Freedom.


“The Most Humbling Experience I Have Ever Been Part Of…”

After the No Ego my life did a 360 degree turn . What was revealed to me turned my life around and I have not been the same since. Five weeks after the No Ego my kids came back from their holiday and my 18-year old son said, ‘Wow mom, you’ve grown! I’m so proud of you.’ There are very few leaders in the world today who lead by example. Brandon’s openness and willingness to express herself, so that we can do the same is the most humbling experience I have ever been a part of.

~ Rolene

“The Most Extraordinary and Transformational Experience…”

Heartfelt gratitude to you all for helping to make the No Ego Retreat the most extraordinary week of my life. I can’t seem to find the words to describe what I feel…in short, I believe I had my first true experience of God or Freedom within. I feel humbled, joyful, excited and full of hope for the first time since I can remember. It was the most extraordinary and transformational experience. A door has truly opened into another dimension.

~ Laura