05 -13 December: The Life Transformation Retreat with Lydia

R 23,997.00

Pre-requisite: No Ego Retreat
Venue: Avalon Farm, 2nd Bushy Vales Road (Opposite Marina Beach entrance), Marina Beach, South Coast, KwaZulu-Natal
By application only. Contact us to apply.



Evolve from student to master and become a healing catalyst of grace
During Life Transformation you’ll deepen in your practice beyond all recognition. As Brandon reveals the in-depth techniques needed to create your own designer process, you’ll work energetically at the deepest level of consciousness.

An eight-day course
Level 1 – Journey Practitioner Program
FOR: Applicants accepted onto The Journey Accredited® Practitioner Program and Journey Practitioners


“My life unfolds now in ways I could never have imagined…”

Experiencing Life Transformation with Brandon, Kevin and all the delegates has taught me more about life than I could ever imagine. All the practical tools we learned I now use daily. My life unfolds now in ways I could never have imagined. I realize and experience when I live life in truth everything is simple. To be surrounded and supported by so many lovers of truth (throughout the Program) was a true blessing.”

~ Carolyn

“I cannot even recognize the person I was two years ago…”

Life Transformation was, without a doubt, the turning point of my life. As I sit here today, I cannot even recognize the person I was two years ago. It’s as if every aspect has been pulled apart to reveal the lies of who I believed myself to be. Every relationship in my life has transformed to the point where I can no longer hold any blame toward anyone…

~ Jess

“It has allowed me to ‘take my place in life’…”

In my experience, when we essentially ask the universe “to use me”, the universe says great – but first you need to undergo a life training! For me the Life Transformation was that life training. It completely changed my life 180 degrees. It gave me the confidence, the tools, the skills and the deeply-liberating process work I needed to show up in life as my true self. It has allowed me to ‘take my place in life”, to contribute to humanity, living from a place of forgiveness, love and compassion, not as a fanciful notion, but as a humbling, living, breathing life process. Nothing upon nothing has transformed my life and continues to do so like Life Transformation and the entire Journey Practitioner Program.

~ Laurie