2011 Comments on Journey work – Carol Surya

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Since I started using the Journey in my private practice in 2004, this treatment method
has completely transformed the way in which I work with all children and adult clients,
and is now the predominant tool I use. Non-directive approaches and cognitive based
counseling methods I used in the past often failed to identify, access or clear out the
root cause of the problem. Often I was faced with troubled children (ages three to
twelve) whose emotional issues had resulted in a general shut-down in their ability
and/or willingness to speak about their trauma. Therefore months of lengthy nondirective
and creative approaches were needed before any significant changes could be
noticed. With the Journey however, I am delighted to have found the most effective and
empowering tool available. I can now offer a child Journey process (lasting less than
twenty minutes), and am assured of a direct improvement in their emotional status with
each process!

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