How to effectively deal with stress, anxiety, and depression

Are you someone who regularly feels worried, stressed or depressed? Does your mind keep you tense with thoughts and images of what ‘might’ go wrong, do you feel tired, fed-up or have you simply lost the joy of day-to-day life?

How to Effectively Deal with Stress, Anxiety and Depression

The Journey’s Out of the Blue 2-Day seminar helps you discover how you can begin to heal from past events that have shut you down, kept you anxious or worried or feeling depressed. During this 2-day seminar, you will learn the truth about what set up your unhealthy compensatory behaviours in the first place, which beliefs have kept you locked in repetitive disempowering patterns and which specific emotions are costly for you to ignore or avoid.

Join us. Come discover how you can begin to support your personal transformation using The Journey Method. This seminar is an entry-level Journey event, open to everyone.

Upcoming Out of the Blue seminars

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