26 – 28 July 2024: Conscious Abundance Retreat ONLINE with Brandon Bays & Co-presented by Lydia Hoyland

R 6,997.00

Pre-requisite: Journey Intensive/Experience. Takes place on Zoom with pre-meeting on Thursday the 25th of July 2024 at 6pm SAST (Pretoria)



Most abundance courses teach how to put out for what you want in life. So why does some of it come true and some not? Conscious Abundance offers a unique insight into how you’ve been blocking abundance, and how to increase the flow again.

Clear your hidden limitations and manifest true abundance in all areas of your life.

The Conscious Abundance retreat is unique in offering you insight into a deeper truth. You’ll realize how you’ve been living with one foot on the gas pedal and the other on the brake. As you clear the blocks in your life, you’ll increase the flow of abundance, naturally.

A joyous, 2½-day retreat.


My whole life is so much more effortless and joyful…”

The prayers and intentions I put out for seemed to just pop into my life quite miraculously after the Conscious Abundance event, but that wasn’t even the most powerful part. The greatest gift that I’ve received from the event is a whole new way of living, and being – by utilizing the power of manifestation and intention my whole life is so much more effortless and joyful.

~ Ashley

“The most powerful seminar I’ve ever attended…”
The most powerful seminar I’ve ever attended certainly in terms of clearing issues and of allowing abundance to flow in and out (and back in, back out…) of my life! I’m really looking forward to what manifests in the next days, months and future. I recommend this to everyone.

~ Emanuela

“My ‘manifestation list’ came true within one year!…”

Everything I put on my ‘manifestation list’ during the retreat came true within one year! And these were not small things! I moved into my own house and manifested my husband in that time. Such a blessing and so grateful!

~ Claire T