Consciousness The New Currency Book

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In this groundbreaking, inspiring and interactive book, Brandon Bays and Kevin Billett take your on a powerful journey which will explode the limiting paradigms that have kept you from experiencing unbridled fulfillment in your life. Step by step, the practical, effective process work will clear the fear-consciousness, emotional blocks and deeply-held negative beliefs that have compromised your ability to manifest healthy abundance.

The unique and liberating teachings open you directly into your own boundless potential, effortlessly guiding you to manifest limitless abundance in your career, health, relationships, creativity – financially, emotionally, physically, spiritually – on all levels of being.

This work will radically liberate you. It will give you conscious, skilful tools to manifest wholesome abundance in your own life and the means to be part of the wave of awakening and transformation our world needs.

This is your invitation to say “yes” to your own greatness – to a new form of abundance-consciousness, one that is as fulfilling personally as it is integrative globally.

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